JORDAN PETERSON: Channel 4 Interview with Cathy Newman

Jordan Peterson’s Channel 4 Interview with Cathy Newman

Key Takeaways Growth and Responsibility: Peterson emphasizes the importance of personal growth and taking on responsibilities as a means to find meaning in life, particularly highlighting the negative consequences of refusing to mature. Audience…

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Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson: Nationalism, Good and Bad

Key Takeaways Contrast Between Nationalism and Internationalism: Hanson explores the negative connotations of nationalism in recent history, emphasizing the shift in perception towards nationalism, especially in the context of German history and…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Conversations with History | Full Transcript

Key Takeaways Influence of Rural Upbringing: Hanson's early life in a rural setting deeply influenced his interest in classics and understanding of warfare. Combination of Classics and Military History: He uniquely combines his classical education…

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Jonathan Haidt Featured Image

Jonathan Haidt: The Three Terrible Ideas Weakening Gen Z and Damaging Universities and Democracies Transcript

Key Takeaways Fragility as a Default Assumption - People are far more resilient than modern students think. Emphasis on Trusting Feelings - Always be open to changing your mind based on what your feelings dictate. Binary Worldview - Learning common…

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Victor Davis Hanson why world war 2 matters

Victor Davis Hanson: Why World War II Matters

In an engaging and insightful presentation hosted by the esteemed History Department of Hillsdale College, renowned scholar Victor Davis Hanson offers a profound analysis of World War II's far-reaching consequences. As a distinguished figure in the…

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Michael Crichton Environmentalism Is a Religion

Michael Crichton: Environmentalism Is a Religion Full Transcript

Key Takeaways Michael Crichton critiques environmentalism, likening it to a religion that often disregards scientific evidence and rational debate. He argues that environmentalism has become dogmatic, ignoring the complexities of nature and human…

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