The second major piece of the life puzzle is attitude. How does our attitude affect the choices that we make everyday? How do we interpret our past? And how do we feel about our future?

Jim Rohn in his “How to Have Your Best Year Ever!” seminar goes over how our attitude determines our self worth and how we see ourself in the world.

5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle – #2: Attitude

00:48:04: Number two is attitude.

We’re affected by how we feel.

First, we’re affected by what we know, and the decisions we make.

Second, we’re affected by attitude, how we feel.

And I gave that quick list. Let me give it to you.

It’s how you feel about the past. Got to have a good attitude about the past. Use it as a school, not a

Don’t beat yourself to death with your past—faults, failures, losses.

Let the past be a school—harsh school, maybe—what else is new?

Let the past be a school master. To teach you, not to threaten you, but to teach you.

Next it’s how you feel about the future.

Set your goals.

We’ll talk a little bit about that before we finish today.

Goal setting, the promise of the future is an awesome force to affect your life every day.
Without a future well designed, we take hesitant steps.

Now all you have to have hesitant steps for six years—you’ll be timid, driven into a corner, not boldly
willing to go and take your portion, and take your share. Okay?

Next, it’s how you feel about everybody else. Got to have a good attitude about everybody else because it
takes everybody else to make a market.

One person doesn’t make a family, one person doesn’t make a business. One person doesn’t make a
corporation. One person doesn’t make a community. One person doesn’t make a nation.

It takes all of us to make a dynamic economy, a nation second to none.

It takes all of us to make the churches, make the economy run. Takes all of us to make the possibilities.
All the gifts that have flowed in here—the last 200 years unprecedented in 6,500 years of recorded history.

There’s been nothing like it. The ethnic streams that have flowed in here, brought their gifts, brought
their talent, brought their skills, brought their inventions, brought their work ethic, all of it mixed
together is called America. There’s been nothing like it in 6,500 years

And to miss the value of it by some, you know, warped attitude about it, I’m telling you, you’ve missed it
all. If you have an appreciation for it all, you’ll draw from it.

And if you draw from all the gifts that have been blended together here for 200 years now for your value
and benefit, think of what you can do for your days, for your business, for your conversation, for your
equities, you can transform it to an incredible degree.

And here’s the last one, it’s how you feel about yourself.

Understanding self worth is the beginning of progress.

Self worth should be easy.

If one of us can do it, all of us can do it. If anybody can think it, we all can think.

I can read, you can read. I can understand, you can understand.

From where I came from, the few simple things I did and tried—revolutionized my life in five years.

There isn’t anybody here that can’t do it. Change from pennies to fortune, change from nothing to
something, change from broke to rich.

Anybody in this room can do it.

If any of us can do it, we all can do.

That’s the kind of value you should place on yourself.

“If Jim Rohn can understand it, I can understand it. If he can read, I can read. If he can find it, I can
find it. He can change, I can change. If he can get it done, I can get it done.”

That’s the attitude about yourself.

So valuable. Okay?

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