Demian Voorhagen: Strategic Entrepreneurial Growth

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Demian Voorhagen: Strategic Entrepreneurial Growth

Demian Voorhagen Podcast CoverI’m happy to have Demian Voorhagen with me, a name synonymous with scaling tech companies and driving substantial growth. Born and raised in Amsterdam, Demian’s journey from exploring the realms of management, economics, and law, to becoming a pivotal figure in the startup and scale-up scene, is nothing short of inspiring.

As someone deeply interested in AI, finance, and crypto, Demian’s perspective on the future of technology and business growth is both unique and enlightening. Whether it’s sharing success stories from his clients or discussing his own venture into creating trading infrastructure for crypto funds, Demian’s experiences offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to accelerate their company’s growth.

We discuss his entrepreneurial journey, methodologies for fostering growth, and vision for the future of tech companies. Whether you’re a small business owner, a tech enthusiast, or someone curious about the mechanics of scaling businesses successfully, there’s something in this episode for you.

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Demian Voorhagen Pay It Forward Quote

“I like meeting new people. It’s a nice way to network. Some people I can help in just one call. I see it a bit as paying it forward. I just help them in one call. And at some point, they might return a favor and if not, that’s also fine. Maybe they can return it to someone else.” – Demian Voorhagen

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Full Transcript of Our Conversation

Introduction to Demian Voorhagen

00:01.10 – Brian David Crane
Please welcome Demian Vorhagen. I’m sure I’m saying that wrong apologies in advance. Not a native Dutch speaker. He is the Dutch guy which profitable growing tech companies call when they want to speed up their growth.

He’s the consigliere or the fractional head of growth behind the scenes advising them on what to do and not to do when it comes to improving their p and ls so he’s had thousands of phone calls with everybody from small businesses to B2B to B2C, from mobile apps to fast-moving consumer goods and he gets it asked. To come in behind the scenes and tell them how to unpack problems. fix what’s broken or better yet. How to improve what’s already working for him. He’s got a pretty interesting background. He’s served a lot of different things. We’re going to get in on the call. . In terms of his like different skill sets I’ve known him since last year when we met in the Netherlands. He’s interested in Ai finance crypto and a lot of things that I’m interested in as well. So I’m looking forward to chatting with him. Damien thanks for making time cool.

The Journey to Becoming a Fractional Head of Growth

01:08.11 – Demian Voorhagen
Thanks for having me Brian.

01:12.48 – Brian David Crane
All right? So you want to just give a quick background s Mary in terms of how you got to this part of being this fractional head of growth.

01:23.61 – Demian Voorhagen
Sure, I was born and raised in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My past essentially started studying management economics and law. I did a minor in entrepreneurship. I thought that was a pretty cool I ended up working in the start and scale up scene. So I worked at a couple of starting scale lobs that were growing with funding typically and it was always kind of tech marketplace software as a service related businesses and I started more in kind of sales roles.

01:59.28 – Demian Voorhagen
And from there on I really got a hangoff of data. I was really interested in the data kind of things analytics. So I moved more to sort of marketing analytics roles and from there more into a product owner role at another startup I had a couple of . I project myself so I had a marketing agency. I’ve rented out virtual assistants that were located offshore. I’ve done 4 x trading and algorithmic crypto trading and in the end I thought well. You know I’ve got a bit of sales experience marketing. I’ve seen a couple of companies.and I felt that I was still lacking technical knowledge. So I thought about how to get more technical knowledge as well and I ended up choosing artificial intelligence. So I also did a bachelor’s and a master’s in Ai which says it makes a lot of sense but I started this like eight years ago and so back then when I did Ai a lot of people were like ai. Okay, what is that and you know how that is going to be useful and . Now looking back. It. Yeah, everybody’s like oh of course you did AI. That makes a lot of sense. Ai is the new thing you know and currently I run a software company where we make trading infrastructure for crypto funds and crypto etfs.

Expanding Skill Set and Embracing AI

03:25.77 – Demian Voorhagen
Very niche thing to do and I do that a part of my time and a part of my time I spent Basically Yeah, let’s call it a fractional co-founder head of growth advisor right hand The person you call when you’re in panic mode.and the person that helps you ah. And growth mode as well.

03:45.16 – Brian David Crane
You know I think it’s interesting in your recounting of your story there that it sounded to me like you started in Data Analytics. So you’re looking at from a math-based or let’s say from a n bers-based. Perspective. What’s working or what’s not working and then that led into like a product ownership role where you’re then yeah, you’re like then able to basically say okay, cool like I know what we should do because the data tells us to do this and instead of me serving as a consultant or an advisor I’m actually going to own the product and make sure it gets implemented.

04:04.67 – Demian Voorhagen

Approach to Consulting and Growth Strategy

04:20.40 – Brian David Crane
Is that right?

04:22.67 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, it so happened to work out that way. .

04:26.13 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah, so when somebody calls you up or you’re, you know you’re involved in sharing. I don’t know but when somebody says I need your help and we need it. We need you to come in as this head of growth.what’s the first thing you do or what do you like sitting down looking at? Ah, their traffic from an organic standpoint are you looking at their sales like what do you want to see.

The Discovery Process and Identifying Business Needs

04:50.66 – Demian Voorhagen
I Mean so it always starts with a conversation right? So We have an introduction call or that’s called a discovery call and we basically look at okay, do you actively experience any problems.because typically and that’s the interesting part is that. Kind of my best clients if you will are the ones that are not really experiencing problems. So Everything is fine and they just so happen to run into me through one way or the other and they think oh well, it might actually be interesting to give this guy a go. . And then we just start tweaking things. Ah based on things that I find and it really increases the growth rate of the company but typically where I start is okay, what are you currently doing are you experiencing any problems or is there a certain direction where you want to go where you see problems occurring.or what do you feel is currently holding you back. That’s typically kind of the starting point.and then I really started looking at the company in a holistic Way. So You know what the website says, what the copy says, and what is the funnel that someone goes through. How was sales done? How is marketing done? What are operations doing like what is the go-to market strategy.some of my clients. Some people even hire me as a pre company entity like okay I have this idea.

06:18.10 – Demian Voorhagen
And I know you have a lot of relevant experience like can you help me out a couple of hours a week as kind of like ah a paid cofounder so that I make sure that I do the right things some already have everything started but are kind of in the looking for product market fit ah phase so they have some revenue.and one of the other clients that I also have a case study on on my website. Very briefly. I’ve been working there for about seven months now and we went from 21 to 55 k monthly recurring revenue so they were really already quite established I would say.

06:49.68 – Brian David Crane

06:54.26 – Demian Voorhagen
And me coming in making a lot of tweaks kind of just kick started more growth for them.

07:01.00 – Brian David Crane
Do you come in and do you have to sign an Nda and nondisclosure agreement or something to be able for these like let’s say the the B Two C mobile app company for them to open the kimono for them to open up and say this is this is all that we’re doing like how do you? .

07:18.93 – Brian David Crane
Yeah I mean I can imagine. Let me say this in a different way. So I’m sitting there. I meet you. We had a chat. I look at this and I say I’d love for Damian to come in and take a look. I have 2 concerns. One is what’s confidential in terms of what’s shared and then also. If. It’s a personnel like I’m not necessarily looking for a consultant I’m actually looking for somebody who’s going to like to implement and I think you also do implement as far as personnel like if you balance the privacy. Element over here in terms of what they’re willing to share with you and then also balance them , like you you actually get involved in the trenches. You’re not just handing them a pdf or ah recommendations is that right.

07:54.29 – Demian Voorhagen

Customized Consulting and Implementation

08:05.22 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, so I usually do it and yeah, it usually ends up being one of the 2 packages I would say so the most purchased one or most used one is where we basically have a call every other week. And we basically discuss the progress. The current issues. What are we going to do? Are we going to do anything that you run into? you get a couple of hours for me doing research on strategies things that are relevant for me to give proper advice introductions networking. Kind of things and you get unlimited texting access through Whatsapp Telegram whatever you want and for a lot of people that’s good enough because most value is found in the kind of the ideas that I have in the ways that I challenge their thought process.

08:54.83 – Brian David Crane

08:56.88 – Demian Voorhagen
And but there’s a small percentage of clients where I also work a couple of hours a week I would say more in management and strategy. So I help them essentially get the basics up and running. Typically I would prefer at least for them to have a budget that I can use as well. So I can get some basic things going and and from there on get a freelancer or get someone into a position that really has time in hours to spend on it and they would simply report to me or to me and the founder or director. . So really to move in the men’s hours and get things going faster.

09:37.15 – Brian David Crane
And when you so in the second scenario are you coming in and yeah, are you still like are you primarily interfacing with these companies through texting through Whatsapp or are you actually in there. Let’s say they’re using a project management software click up Trello.Asana are you in there with them ah like how deep how deep are you going in that in that scenario where yes, you’re bringing in somebody to report to both you and let’s say the Ceo .

10:11.33 – Demian Voorhagen
and you.

Balancing Consultancy with Technical Expertise

10:12.53 – Brian David Crane
But how like how? ah yeah, what does it look like are like are you in the weeds with them.

10:16.78 – Demian Voorhagen
I would say it depends and I think that’s also kind of the power of what I do. I don’t really have a template which makes my work very shitty on 1 hand and very powerful on one hand. So there’s not really one answer I have there. It’s kind of you know? For example I could.

10:28.60 – Brian David Crane

10:35.14 – Demian Voorhagen
Go into a project management tool. But if it takes me like a couple of hours a week to just keep up-to-date reading everything that’s probably not going to make much sense. It would be easier for me to have like 1 to 3 people that are running things that I can just have a brief chat or update from.but for example, yeah, 1 of my clients. It was a solo founder that hired me and I said well okay, you know it makes sense to have some project management tool. We went for asana because I’ve more experience there. I got some things going, I got a budget and then I got. Ah. Couple of freelancers that I also onboarded into Asana and I’m just checking their work and they’re essentially reporting to me.and that’s kind of the management strategy work that I do so I look at what we should be doing. How are things going so I check the data I check the revenue I check the. Churn metrics and a lot of other metrics that we divine as most relevant and then I make sure that the people get to work do the right work and influence those metrics in the way that we want them.

11:48.49 – Brian David Crane
and what do you do? What do you charge for both of these things if you give both scenarios a ballpark? Whether it’s the yeah, the biweekly calls or the more in-depth.

11:59.28 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, so? so the subscription with essentially the biweekly call a couple of hours a month on me researching things and unlimited texting. Currently it’s just like a fixed monthly rate of a Thousand Euros a month that’s currently fixed and it essentially just goes up every couple of clients that I get and yeah, if I have and a couple of clients going. And I’m really overbooked and the more experienced I get the the price you’d get so I started at a lower price and put it at because yeah for most clients they have that paid back very fast as well. So it’s usually a very good deal and.

12:29.49 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, it makes sense.

12:44.66 – Demian Voorhagen
Unless you’re of course pre-re because then the value add is a bit different for the fixed amount of hours a week that comes with it. It’s typically more of a custom made deal. So usually it’s a fixed rate and a variable rate as well.and that. Depending on the kind of the company stage the incentives that I have it could be you know a percentage of revenue a percentage of the margin made we could watermark at the current revenue and if we know that for example, there’s no commercial activities happening. We know that increases in revenue are.

13:23.70 – Brian David Crane

13:23.10 – Demian Voorhagen
Definitely from my side so that typically requires a bit more of yeah, custom deal I would say but I like having some sort of variable in there if possible because it also kind of gives me a skin in the game. It gives me a bit of upside as well. But yeah, usually there’s at least a fixed rate to to cover my expenses because I get a lot of requests like hey you know can you do this work one day a week and we just give you equity which is typically nice but I mean if you have like a lot of people offering that at some point I’m like yeah well that’s really cool but you know i’m. I also want to pay my rent or mortgage. I have food to pay so at some point the average didn’t charge and yeah, live.

14:08.34 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, cash is the best equity sometimes.

14:16.92 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, or at least ah at least a hybrid form of that if possible yeah or.

14:19.22 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, so when people are coming to you in my business experience. Ah, we have a similar skill set.

14:36.11 – Brian David Crane
And I would just say that like a lot of times when I look at this I want to have skin in the game and I want to basically say yeah I don’t want to trade time for let’s say let’s say hours for money I would like to have upside and especially because I think there’s an information. Asymmetry and then what I mean by that is that you have ah when you look at a project you go? Okay, cool I know if we do one 2 3 it’s going to probably result in this amount of growth.and if you’re if you’re. I don’t know like you you would say I think I can bring you this amount of growth and it’s probably worth 50% of that if I can double your you know your ah let’s say in the next twelve months and so yeah I think you wind up in an interesting dynamic where you’re both friendly with.

15:15.31 – Demian Voorhagen
You what.

15:23.93 – Brian David Crane
The brand of the company. The person that you’re talking with and then also you don’t want to necessarily give away.all of the secret sauce I don’t want to call it that but like you don’t want to basically sit down and go here’s everything I would do and in order to justify. Getting the deal done. That’s part of the reason I Think why you want the soft sell you want people to come to you rather than you’re trying to reach out and convince people of your value is that right.

15:48.24 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah I would say that’s that’s partially right?I don’t think I have that kind of secret sauce thing so much.because I don’t really have templated work right? So I so for example, the the one K month subscription

15:59.81 – Brian David Crane

16:05.65 – Demian Voorhagen
A lot of coaches or consultants offer like a six month track or a 1 ne-year track where you just do one payment right? So you pay 15 to twenty k and then you have someone for six months. I just offer a subscription on a monthly basis.

16:13.71 – Brian David Crane

16:25.11 – Demian Voorhagen
If you feel that I’m not delivering value on an ongoing basis. We don’t need to work together anymore.because I feel that I can provide ongoing value.and I don’t have one secret sauce. You can just throw me in any kind of situation.

16:30.86 – Brian David Crane

16:41.52 – Demian Voorhagen
And I can be innovative in a way that a lot of people wouldn’t think of or at least be very efficient in some way so in that sense I think that I see that a little bit differently and I like working that way. But I think this in terms of a business model. It’s usually a bit of a worse deal on my side but this is a way that I like working.

17:03.93 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, these people become friends of yours as well. Right.

17:07.45 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, usually as I said a lot of people really like that they have me basically on Whatsapp so a lot of these people I talk to them daily or every couple of days and you know they just send me like ah oh what do you think of? should I do this or that or. Also just small questions right? because you’re kind of you’re really kind of a fractional cofounder in that sense so you really become kind of closely integrated in the business and you’re the first guy that they typically send a message to if they’re thinking about something. I’m looking for this tool. Do you know some like do you know something useful there or do you know anyone there or do you know someone that does this I’m looking for that. Yeah, you just have a lot of brief contact through Whatsapp. So.

17:57.46 – Brian David Crane
So let’s talk about tools for a minute. So what? What are some of the times when I met you, you were keen on a variety of different Ai you want to share some of those that you’re that you yeah that you like that you’re using. .

The Role of AI and Tools in Consultancy

18:14.20 – Brian David Crane
In your work.

18:14.52 – Demian Voorhagen
I mean I think one of the most used is still chat gpt because it just offers a lot of different functionalities and it is. Basically it’s able to take multiple roles. So for example, the last couple of weeks I’ve been trialing a Linkedin tool. That helps you with your personal branding through ai andyeah, everything is with Ai nowadays or Ai is the core core functionality but it was really not that impressive because when you recognize how creativity works and how it does things. Typically it’s quite easy to see when another tool is basically just a chatgpt extension. So for a lot of things I know that there’s a tool out there. But it’s typically based on chatgpt anyway and then I think like well I can prompt the tool.

18:59.70 – Brian David Crane

19:11.99 – Demian Voorhagen
Better myself and just work with the core functionality right? So it could be for writing content but also to find other tools or to find specific websites competitors a go-tomark plan ah typically chat gpt is able to to offer a lot of inspiration.but at the same time I wouldn’t base all my work on it and I consider it more of a kind of a sparring partner than that I would literally copy paste. Whatever it spits out so I would never post a blog on my website or any of my client’s websites. That is generated by Chettbt and not edited by a content writer. For example, I see it as kind of a way of extension but not really a replacement.

19:52.26 – Brian David Crane
Makes sense. Yeah.

19:58.38 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, so I like that analogy of it being a sparring partner. for the b two c ah mobile app. Do you want to go through a little bit of what you did there and what you’ve done over the past eight months to help them basically double their ah mrr like what. On your website, you talk about? I think a content strategy pricing strategy a b testing a couple of their funnels. You want to share. But what you’ve done there or what you’ve helped lead. Let’s say.

Achieving Growth for B2C Mobile App

20:29.31 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, sure so when I came in it. It was a solo founder. They did 21 k and morer a month which is very impressive I would say for a solo founder doing most of or basically every work on his own and so.

20:38.00 – Brian David Crane

20:48.33 – Demian Voorhagen
I came in contact with him basically kind of to kind of a lucky lucky hit and referral and I said well I think the app is already growing nicely and and you’re not doing so much.and I think we can really kick start that so we said know if you say soI’d be interested and considering the revenue that he was generating already.working with me should be returned. Investment quite fast right? because with a couple of improvements. You should be able to have a profitable payback on what I cost and. So we started and essentially I Just do a whole holistic review of the business right? as I said before what is happening in terms of sales marketing operations. But in this case because it’s an app and it’s very user-centered. More than a lot of other tools I would say you really look at Okay so what are the flows of the app. It’s a freemi as Well. So that kind of changes the dynamics as well. Instead of okay people cannot use it but they can use a trial but people can also use this app for free. So We looked at things like okay how is the pricing currently in the Market.whether the trial offers trial benefits.there wasn’t much of a content Strategy. So I got someone on board to work on that. I got someone on board to do the actual content as well.

22:18.40 – Demian Voorhagen
Ah, we set up a community for people to connect with each other and I got other conversion rate optimization gurus to take a look at the app. I looked into strategic partnerships and we basically did a lot of different tweaks at the same time. And you really saw that the growth trajectory went from kind of aha going upward but it really went like it. It curved upwards like 1 to two months after I started. I’m not sure if it’s a mirror but maybe that way or that way.

22:55.62 – Brian David Crane
We’d say a hockey stick. Yeah.

22:56.28 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, yeah, hockey stacked a lot a lot more for sure. Yeah.

23:02.88 – Brian David Crane
Congratulations yeah, and this is also one of the this is also one of the clients or 1 of the projects where their business was okay, already right? They weren’t necessarily looking for you or someone like you and yeah.

23:15.11 – Demian Voorhagen
No, no, no real. Yeah.

23:17.65 – Brian David Crane
And it happens organically and they’re cool like I like da man I like what he’s he seems to and let’s say underpromise and overdeliver and and I imagine I don’t know if this is true. So tell me if I’m wrong about your funnel.

23:30.56 – Demian Voorhagen

23:34.53 – Brian David Crane
Ah, for your work looks something like you want to start people at maybe this every other week call and then as you get to know them their business. Their problems you potentially say okay, cool I can help you more in depth or or. Actually I’m just happy keeping it at a biweekly call level like I don’t know if you actually bring somebody in and go right to?yeah, the fractional. So The fractional head of growth.

24:04.33 – Demian Voorhagen
So in this case I started with I believe it was 4 hours a week.and then we did that for a while because like he was he was a bit nervous right? Which makes sense because I was essentially the first person ever for him to cost any money.and I wasn’t very cheap, either. Not even for 4 hours and I said well I’m not cheap, but you will know very very soon if it’s going to make a return or not and if at any point you feel like it’s not worth it.

24:22.20 – Brian David Crane

24:37.42 – Demian Voorhagen
You know we can just cancel it. I don’t want to work if it doesn’t provide any value anyway,so it either has to work from both ends or doesn’t work and we just accept that.and then I think two months in he saw the first of the first things kicking in.we essentially already made profit on what I cost and he was like okay well can we increase hours because it was going quite well and then we increased you to one day a week which is very cool but at the same time I’m I’m also thinking about the amount of limitations that I have right? Because. I cannot do a lot of clients.which is also something I would kind of like to solve at some point. But then again, you come back to the point of it’s not really templated work and it really requires a strategic inside as well. So that makes it a tough cookie. Ah.

25:29.60 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, patent and what do you think about it? What do you think about this work relative to dama trading and what I mean by that is that you are looking at projects and people who come in and say this would be.

25:30.13 – Demian Voorhagen
To do so.

25:49.49 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, this would be something I would love to get involved with and maybe go full time on if the opportunity was right or like are you done or in other words, are you done with ah data trading or is it. . Is this like a creative endeavor or is it like an actual career transition into something else.

26:10.62 – Demian Voorhagen
I’m not sure yet so far I Really like doing both initially I was doing Damon trading pretty much full-time and at some point I got into contact with some people and. Kind of naturally started rolling where I just did you know a couple of these calls every month to to help out some people and then it was like okay well maybe I should tie this kind of to a personal brand and just offer it more as kind of a service because I can do it on the site anyway and I noticed that. It really made me a better entrepreneur in my own company as well because you see different problems from different companies. It kind of challenges your also Network a lot right? So that also gives you kind of a leverage on your learning. And yeah, I call it a kind of cross learning earning right? So I noticed that if I have more clients I’m typically better able to help each individual client as well because I learn from every client at the same time and I really like building something myself as well. So in this way I kind of have. Ah yeah, a big baby that I partially built myself and a couple of a bit smaller babies. So to say where I’m very involved in their growth and they matter personally to me as well.

27:38.33 – Demian Voorhagen
But I’m not the key person building it but more facilitating the building and the growth there and doing those 2 together has been really nicer than I expected initially.

27:52.60 – Brian David Crane
That’s cool. Okay, yeah, yeah, so inside of Dama then you are you are you? You’re more hands-on. I take it. I don’t know for lack of a better way to put it but are you actually doing it? Are you coding like what does that look like if 50% of your time is over there like what does that look like that you’re actually doing on a day-to-day basis.

28:13.81 – Demian Voorhagen
So I’m more of the commercial guy and so I actually met my co-founder and at the study of Ai so we can actually both code and and I can also code right? so. If you do You’re pretty much ass ed to learn python and I think most people having done a mastery in ai have a solid base of python themselves.but my cofounder was really more interested in developing the technical side.

28:47.20 – Brian David Crane

28:48.98 – Demian Voorhagen
And I was never interested that much in being a developer. It was more interesting to learn about. Okay so how does a developer work. What do they think? How do I communicate with them and I can j p pretty much in a sales call. Someone can tell me. What their technical requirements are for a project and I can pretty much guesstimate quite well if this is very easy to do. It’s going to be a medium sized project or okay, well this is going to require serious funding a big team and quite some years and having that skill in a call makes a lot of sense and has been quite useful to date and I can also on a technical level help a lot of my clients were typically the commercial guy isn’t really able to do that much. But yeah, so to answer your question I’m more of the commercial side.which is literally everything from sales marketing operations sales calls these kinds of things. Yep exactly.

29:50.80 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, the money coming in the door. Let’s say yeah so then with your if you have crypto and dama trading over here. Although it’s dama trading Ai that would be clear for those listening.and then you have. Also in crypto at a meta level a tremendous amount of projects that are launching have tokens that are nominally associated with AI. Are you dabbling at all in that world in terms of what’s happening on chain with I don’t know let’s call it fetch. Ah, AiTao is a bit of a tensor . I don’t know if you’re familiar with some of these projects. But yeah, like are you also are you watching this, you got a master’s you got a master’s in Aiyou you have a background in crypto you’re I know you’re working with like institutional funds. In terms of data trading. But like are you watching what’s going on as well over here with ah yeah, with what’s going on on chain with these ai tokens.

30:57.98 – Demian Voorhagen
I mean slightly but not as much as most people think i’m so the old crypto thing that we do for funds. It’s more about buying and selling assets and delivering an efficient infrastructure.

31:00.94 – Brian David Crane

31:14.18 – Demian Voorhagen
Then it is really about specific crypto knowledge. So I personally liked crypto space and mostly because I think these kinds of things really push adoption and innovation also in other markets. So I’m equally a fan of for example tesla especially in the beginning stage not because it’s tesla. But rather because I think that the world has to move to a place where electric driving is becoming more of the core ah core functionality and a company like Tesla is really. Pushing that forward on ah on a global level. So I think crypto on a global level is really going to level up the whole financial industry and the way that we work with blockchains and with money and immutable databases and there’s a lot of different things. Push there that I think is good but on the individual level I don’t care that much about this specific project or that specific project and I’m not following that much because there’s just so many projects to follow. I’ve done day trading before in more than four x space and I’m kind of the person that if I do something I really really do it. and I kind of lost the rest of my life doing these things right? so.

32:41.95 – Demian Voorhagen
I just remember going to the cinema and actually having trading positions open and then during the movie like every 30 minutes at check because there was a market opening or an event happening I wanted to check my positions and after the movie you have to check your positions and adjust yours. Stop loss takes profits and it kind of starts really becoming something that you just breathe.and that’s not something that I want to keep doing when I’m working on projects. I can work and make an impact and if I don’t work.

33:00.99 – Brian David Crane
You know what.

33:18.42 – Demian Voorhagen
I can just think about it if I like to so typically a lot of times you know I’m I’m taking a shower walking somewhere I’m thinking about 1 of my clients which is also one of the reasons why I can’t have 30 clients at the same time because each and everyone requires a minimum amount of brain space.but if I’m out on a day you know with friends or or doing something with family and I can also let go of things and that’s something that I kind of watched yeah and that’s kind of what I lost trading and.

33:48.80 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, be present.

33:56.60 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, it’s essentially the same with crypto and these new projects because you’re chasing this new project. There. You have to read the news there and then there’s kind of a b p and d p there and it’s just a forever flow of information and things happening and. It’s just not something that I want to prioritize in my life. At this point.

34:15.44 – Brian David Crane
Yeah I get it I’ve gone through a similar dynamic I Understand what you said very very well. and I do like that I think that crypto is a forcing function. Ah, to yeah, let’s say smooth out the rough edges of the global financial system or.

34:19.62 – Demian Voorhagen

34:32.53 – Brian David Crane
At least deal with the rent seeking that takes place and in the financial system in terms of I know the amount of money that is taken well just but for whether it’s money transmission whether it’s ah credit card fees These kinds of things like crypto have an ability to ah.

34:35.98 – Demian Voorhagen

34:50.84 – Brian David Crane
Kind of attack those at a global level I think and.

34:54.25 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, absolutely and and and it’s actually interesting because every bank in the Netherlands or this every bank that is quite big has dedicated people working on blockchains. So a lot of people think that the banks are kind of getting rid of crypto and getting rid of you know trying to do everything but they see what the innovation can do there as well and there’s still a big difference between crypto and blockchain right? Because. Ah, blockchain is not necessarily a currency that you can do something with ah but the whole idea of Blockchain which is fostered by crypto is something that all the banks are working with right now. So that’s still kind of an innovation pushed through and making an impact and a lot of people are okay. Kill the banks and everything is bad and you know they’re not doing anything in terms of innovation but you see that they are doing a lot there and a lot of banks. They want to actually offer crypto for their clients as well. But it’s just simply the regulations that don’t allow them to and so. Is not something that it’s necessarily their choice but more kind of a result of an overlaying institute in Europe yeah, kind of derailing railing here. We could talk about this specific topic for hours as well. I guess.

36:11.59 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah, yeah, so.

36:18.32 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, we don’t, we don’t. I mean yeah, it’s going to go where the conversation isn’t going to go where the conversation is going to go but I think on the topic of Blockchain like when you say the banks are adopting. It. You’re talking about a distributed ledger. That’s the core technology that they’re quite interested in and then when it comes to offering crypto to their customers or clients they run into regulatory issues in terms of not being able to comply either. They can’t comply with the regulations or the regulations aren’t clear so therefore they don’t want to touch it.and then they don’t want to custody the funds or custody the assets and and then don’t don’t offer it to yeah to mirror you. Let’s say is that right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what is it like when you think about new businesses?

37:01.46 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah yeah, exactly.

37:11.17 – Brian David Crane
That you do businesses that you would like to work with in terms of being a fractional head of growth is it predominantly like b to c is it predominantly b two b is it Sas is it ecom like who’s kind of in your sweet spot.

37:30.29 – Demian Voorhagen
I’m open to talk with a lot of companies and typically after the first call we know if there’s going to be something that we can do together or not but so far most of the work. Has been in the more the b two b space I would say although as we said the mobile app that got most of the revenue increase or at least more than doubled in half a year that’s actually b two c but yeah I would say that the companies at least. Should be able to push some sort of innovation or kind of a strategy. So typically it ends up being kind of a tech company, a marketplace software as a surface, writing something involving software or coding because there’s a lot of different choices that you can make. And the more choices you can make the better you need to make these choices as well, right? So the exact opposite would kind of be starting a bakery down the street. I mean there’s a very limited amount of things you can do from an innovating perspective or a proper strategy and. So yeah, it usually ends up being kind of in ah in the tech space at least and so far most of my experience has been early stage so pre-founding just after founding and the b two c app is currently the.

38:50.33 – Brian David Crane
Makes sense.

39:02.94 – Demian Voorhagen
The biggest one in terms of revenue I think is that true I think yeah, approximately right? Sotypically there’s less innovation done if you get close to the 100 k mrr point and beyond. I still think it would be interesting to work in that space. But my expert. These really have been below that.

39:24.25 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, and and and when some of these people book a call with you are they also possibly looking for funding or money and why I say that is because I think it’d be pretty easy for you to transition. I mean coming from the states having worked in Silicon Valley transitioning into like an entrepreneur in residence ah position inside of a fund where the fund says. Okay, cool. We have deployed 100000000 across these different portfolio companies. We want Damian to look at all. All the portfolio companies come in and you know, possibly help them. So yeah, when is the transition or maybe there is no transition to you managing money or or working for a you know a fund. Let’s say.

Exploring Funding Options for Startups

40:16.69 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, yeah,so I raised funding myself as well and through multiple methods. So I also experienced there I would say that considering the current clients that I have it makes most sense. To work with companies that are pre seed or seed stage.because I just have less experience working with series a and beyond and I would still be interested to see what I can do there but obviously the whole game changes from there.but yeah I mean there’s a lot of funds in the preet see stage a lot of fintech ai related companies.where yeah so I Definitely think that would be interesting.

41:02.79 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, but it’s not yeah, your sweet spots preseed seed. Let’s say and and also yeah, just cut me a check or let’s come up with a compensation structure that is aligned and .

41:10.86 – Demian Voorhagen

41:21.81 – Brian David Crane
You know I don’t really want to put money into your preceder to your seed round right? like I’m going to put sweat equity in and you’re going to pay me for it in some way or fat in some way or another.

41:29.27 – Demian Voorhagen
Like yeah yeah, yeah, so far that’s been more to murder case in these.

41:34.82 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, is your expertise more in paid marketing? Is it more and so is it more ? Yeah, what? what? if I came to you and I said what do you What are you good at marketing like because I think partially what I hear in your story is. And interest in psychology and an interest in like h ans, let’s say choice and why people pick to do certain things. It’s partially when you were describing Ai where you wanted to learn.

41:59.92 – Demian Voorhagen
Picture sort described.

42:06.35 – Brian David Crane
You wanted to learn why people How how did you phrase it something like you know it’s useful to learn how to how to write in Python but you didn’t necessarily want to be a python developer and also like how these tools could be used to kind of better people’s lives or or used in a more intelligent

42:14.57 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, and also.

42:22.25 – Demian Voorhagen
Used gift. So.

42:26.29 – Brian David Crane
I’m circling around the question. I think the question is one of you? Ah ah, got to talk to myself into a circle on this. .

42:27.62 – Demian Voorhagen
I think the question.

Finding the Right Growth Strategy

42:41.76 – Brian David Crane
If you want to take it go ahead. I don’t know if you got a question out of there but that was a but that was a word salad. Sorry yes, please thank you? ah.

42:43.42 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, so expertise more on organic or paid For example,yeah, yeah, yeah, ah so so my answer typically is going to Annoy half of the people and other half is really going to love it. But

42:53.91 – Brian David Crane

43:02.31 – Demian Voorhagen
I really try to be on top of everything there. So I want to make sure that I have a basic to slightly advanced understanding of each and every one of those I know a little bit about ah Seo right? So I can. Can check what the ranking is of a website. I could do a rough analysis of if your website is really shitty in terms of keyword strategy. Does it make sense like are you out-com competing with people at the moment? Where do people come from? Is it from keywords and should we focus on that?But I also have experience with bait ads also because I’ve had my own marketing agency. So I’ve actually set up Google ads myself. I have built Facebook campaigns and retargeting campaigns and Linkedin campaigns and so I’ve experienced there as well and I think that that is very valuable because. I can go through everything on a basic level and look at okay, what can we do from an organic point of view and what can we do from a paid ah point of view because typically both are important if I get going with a client. We want to look at organic. But. Improving your organic game is typically like a mid to long game strategy. So that’s something that’s really nice to do. We typically at least do it on the side. or make it really a priority but especially and yeah, the bait marketing is.

44:35.49 – Demian Voorhagen
Typically a better way to to grow if possible because you can very easily determine. Okay, what is it going to cost to acquire a user?How much do I need to spend to get that user in and very Fast. You’ll be able to find out.if it is profitable to do so. Or typically rather the question is how long is it going to take for that customer to bring back its own ad spend and then we want to minimize that time so that we can roll over the same funds again right? So we want to spend money, get a customer and get them to pay. Get that money back as soon as possible so we can use that to get another customer and the better you can do that for example as Well. Funds will definitely look at this?and they even have Kpis where if it takes you too long for a customer to to get paid back. They will really not invest in your that I put ties in your question with do you work with companies with funding some of my clients come to me and say well hey, should I raise funding and what are the implications of that because it’s not only what you need as a minimum requirement. But

45:48.50 – Demian Voorhagen
It also changes the way that you run your company right? Because typically the moment you raise funding from a VC, at least if we’re talking about a VC in that case, you’re really building a company ready to exit and a lot of people like building a company where they really just prefer. Growing organically, having a profit, having a cash cow or a lifestyle business.and I spoke to people that think well. Okay I can use funding to faster get to the lifestyle or cash cow business that I want and in the end they get disputes with investors and.

46:13.33 – Brian David Crane
Yep 1

46:24.56 – Brian David Crane

46:26.25 – Demian Voorhagen
It really becomes once Joe and really because it’s just a different way of working and it’s something you need to account for as well.

46:33.41 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah I think you’re I think you’re right in that like when you yeah when you take on somebody somebody else’s Money. There is like implicit in that agreement if they want to return on Capital and they are not super interested in you. Building a lifestyle business from that point forward right? They’re not super interested in you having a life they can. You can have a cash cow of a business. They can be on board with that but they look at it and they go Okay, cool like I would. I think at some point you would like to sell this cash cow for business. Otherwise you wouldn’t have taken on Funding. . To grow it and so we need to kind of again gear for an exit and you look at this and go well I make X amount of money per year and I get to do whatever I want to on my own time limit and I don’t really care about about exiting and and needing to deal with that right? like it’s like a divergence in a way.

47:26.94 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, it. It might be kind of a hybrid or different ah scenario if you do like a friend’s family full or a potential angel Around.right? Because some companies just need funding to get going because they need to develop a minimum amount of software to get going so they might need to raise like 200 K. Once they just get the software going and from there they can pretty much grow organically and then. Friends and family or these specific angels. Okay, with you know, just having dividend Payouts or they even have an agreement I’ve seen that multiple times where the Angels just bought out a couple of times later right? So they put up an investment they raised 200 k.

48:15.15 – Brian David Crane

48:18.10 – Demian Voorhagen
And then a couple of years later they just get bought out with a multiplier and but typically that’s not really what a Fec is interested in so it also really depends where you raise I guess another example would be with a strategic partner. Ah, where you can really enhance each other’s offer for example or do a combined offering. There’s also a very different way of raising than simply with a Vc that is just on. Okay, we need to get money money money. go go? go and typically feces have a higher risk profile as well. So. It’s more okay for them to try and maximize growth and fail in the process and we’re typically an angel or your friends and family. They’re okay with you taking less risk as long as you make it and feces. They just assume that you know like ninety ninety five percent going out of business anyway. So we might want to push the gas on every one of them so that most die. But if they make it they’re going to make it big and that’s what they usually go for.

49:19.37 – Brian David Crane
It makes sense. Yeah, so if somebody’s interested in finding an angel. They don’t have friends and family to raise the 200 k they’re in the Netherlands they’re in Europe where do they like? What’s the angel network to you? You also had said. Previously in the podcast. You’ve done a couple of different fundraising rounds and done it in different forms and fashion. So like yeah, how does somebody do an angel round if they’re Dutch.

49:49.20 – Demian Voorhagen
I mean it really depends on what exactly you want to raise and everything but I would say generally there’s the niche that you’re working in There’s typically like community websites or investors. Ah, websites or communities that you can go to a lot of them allow you to pitch as well.sometimes free, sometimes you have to pay a fee because they simply get too many applications or they have some sort of a selection process. But there’s a lot of lists of angels around and a lot of people have angel investors or something like that in their profile so you can just find them on Linkedin and yet at least getting the basic list of a couple of investors is typically quite easy I would say if. Possible. It would always be nice if you can get a referral to get someone in your network because those are usually closer.The fact that you can find an angel quite easily by definition means that they are quite easy to find so you’re not going to be the only person sending them a message.

51:00.20 – Brian David Crane
Pitching them.

51:01.28 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, and a lot of people tend to forget that they’re thinking like okay Wow I have this really unique thing I found this person so they must be willing to invest. But yeah, the easier you find a person the more approachable they are so by definition the more approach they are because there’s a lot of people looking for funding. Always.

51:10.51 – Brian David Crane

51:20.77 – Demian Voorhagen
So yeah,if possible look for a bit of a harder way to to get to someone. Maybe it could be an introduction from someone and there’s a lot of different ways to to go about it I would say depending on the scenario where it’s definitely something I’ve talked with with some clients that we looked at.

51:34.34 – Brian David Crane
Makes sense.

51:40.25 – Demian Voorhagen
Also for example, if it makes sense. You could go for a crowdfunding route but typically I would only recommend that if you have a product that your users actually want to fund so crowdfunding typically doesn’t for example. To make it concrete if you’re an enterprise focused ah b two b business ah crowdfunding typically makes less sense because crowdfunding is used to get your first kind of inner group of users or your power users. Whereas if you have a b two c concepts and or b two b in a saas fashion where you can just get a lot of entrepreneurs that you reach those are all investors that also use your product. So the metrics are typically better from these user groups as well. . Not necessary in terms of revenue but rather in terms of churn customer happiness. They tend to provide feedback easier. They’re more open for customer interviews because they’re both a user typically who wants or needs your product at the same time. They’re investors. So. Want your product to improve for multiple reasons which is a very interesting proposition for a business that is able to raise that way.

52:59.54 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, and I think I like what you said there because I also think there’s something having been on both sides and when I say I’ve been on both sides at what I mean is you know I have a.

53:13.84 – Brian David Crane
Ah, a product that I love, let’s say it’s a coffee maker and somehow I’m on their email list and they do a crowdfunding campaign. I don’t care so much about that as a consumer. Let’s say I’m using an example versus I have a tool that I use in my business. And I know that tool if it was improved. It would make it so that I could do better in the business and I’m also much more willing to invest at a b two b level to help that business or help provide feedback that would like to share that business with my network. . And ah, there’s some psychological concept there I don’t remember what the name of it is but it’s you know like I know people who would happily spend hundreds thousands of dollars in their business honestly because I think there’s a clear ah roi or at least they conceptualize that they can make an ah roi on it versus being the thousand raving fans for the b to c. Coffee maker or the product that shows up on a kickstarter or go find me right.

54:14.29 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, exactly. and this is one of the things where I say that the work that I do is not so templated because for some businesses the crowdfunding makes sense for some. It doesn’t for some it could but it wouldn’t necessarily be the best’s kind of you’re kind of able to label it in ah in a step like ah a function tree where okay well you know do your users need the product as well and you go yes, okay, interesting for crowdfunding but in the end making all these kind of decisions require just some kind of insight.and that’s also why I think it’s like I probably have one of the best jobs ever that is never going to be automated by any kind of Ai because it requires you to cross so many things together and think outside the box often.

54:51.46 – Brian David Crane

Demian’s Future in Consultancy and AI

55:07.14 – Demian Voorhagen
I feel pretty confident that I’m going to have a job for the next fifty years

55:10.71 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, problem Solver I Mean that’s really like because somebody comes to you with a problem and what I hear you say is okay, cool like I don’t maybe how even I said the problem to you is not the right problem there problem is actually another one in this decision tree or in this as I’m as I’m starting with.

55:25.68 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I think yeah and I think Ai is typically a very good solution if you have a very specific one.

55:28.20 – Brian David Crane
Andyeah, you’re helping them think clearer in a way or at least think about it in a different way.

55:41.97 – Demian Voorhagen
Problem that you know is the problem that you want an answer to But for example, say that you’re asking an Ai. Well you know I want to increase my revenue so I want to run a Linkedin campaign help me think of content ah to run that campaign. But at the same time you’re going to drive people to your website which is just a shitty copy and you know is not going to convert at all or your whole signup flow is just 1 big mess. It’s a conversion killer the ai is never going to think about. Okay I’m not going to say never.

56:16.10 – Brian David Crane

56:16.56 – Demian Voorhagen
At this point the AI is not able to kind of make those kinds of inductions and deductions both ways and it’s not going to be able to help you in such a generic broadway where a person is actually able to think okay, well what does this imply? Okay, well this. Question comes with ass captions. Okay, so what are the ass potions and what are as options there and in the end you find out that your campaigns haven’t been working because your sales rep is just completely off with whatever he does or something else is broken on the website or you’re just targeting the wrong group of people anyway.and those are all things that you want to check and it just requires a person at this point and I know maybe at some point Ai will be able to do all of these things but in the end I don’t see ai becoming a replacer rather than an extension anytime soon.

57:10.19 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, yeah, I think that’s well said.yeah, so as we cut like we’re coming up on an hour here I think what would you like people to take from this and what I mean by that is so okay, cool like when I listen to you’re trying to acquire more customers or clients or lead calls. Whatever the metric is that we’re going to use.partially why we’re doing this podcast is you’re practicing. You’re practicing your messaging. You’re also.

57:35.28 – Demian Voorhagen
I’m going to drink. Yeah.

57:45.61 – Brian David Crane
And I’d say at a higher level networking and Linkedin as you alluded to hasn’t necessarily worked as far as getting more of these calls or at least getting more of the types of calls that you want so what is it that you think what is it? You think if you used your experience. And looked at this as a business problem. How do you grow your business if it’s not through Linkedin or how do you grow through it ? Let me give you an example . Is it through going on more podcasts? Is it on the speaker circuit? Is it writing a book? Yeah, what? What are you contemplating?

58:18.99 – Demian Voorhagen
Like yeah, it’s a good question. So I’ve done this service for quite a long time but I’ve never actually actively promoted it. So typically I did it for half a day to a day a week.essentially. Looking to scale it up to two days a week but I don’t have to at the same time. It’s just because I like doing it and so for me, it’s also figuring out a little bit. What do I get clients for this?as I think we also discussed privately.

58:44.00 – Brian David Crane

58:55.45 – Demian Voorhagen
What do I even call this in 1 line right? I mean so we’ve covered an hour and a lot of things that I do and I basically call it a fractional cofounder fractional head of growth.but before that it was actually kind of a startup consultant.and the title is going to switch multiple times so I’m still also looking for the proper angle that covers exactly what it is that I do which is kind of hard because it’s so generic. I’ve done a lot of podcasts before but never about this topic specifically or about my own business in this way but I like doing podcasts so. It’s definitely something I would like to do a bit more as you said it’s also nice for networking and and. Just chatting to people as well. So yeah podcast is one thing I’ve thought about a book as well as you mentioned but coming back to the whole I don’t know exactly how to template this or how to make a blueprint out of this I think a book is going to be very hard. .

59:57.61 – Brian David Crane

59:59.91 – Demian Voorhagen
Or you would really need to cover kind of what you do in a business and then you know doing a chapter on sales ah chapter on organic marketing paid marketing is not really something I feel like doing right now.but yeah I think just doing a couple of podcasts and improving my Linkedin.

01:00:16.60 – Brian David Crane

01:00:19.61 – Demian Voorhagen
And potentially the website copy a bit further is very likely to be enough already for the goals that I have because the website yeah to get like a couple of additional clients that I can really help with growth with something that I think is cool as well.

01:00:26.69 – Brian David Crane
To get to two days a week where you’re booked up.

01:00:39.28 – Demian Voorhagen
Because to be fair, the website that I have right now looks all right? and I built it myself in a couple of hours. I haven’t really spent a lot of time on a lot of these things because it hasn’t been so important and I always did it passively on the side.

01:00:57.96 – Brian David Crane
Waltz let me add 1 thing there. But also I think that there’s a contradiction and I don’t mean this in a negative way. But you don’t want the website to sell too much in the sense of you want somebody who.

01:00:58.52 – Demian Voorhagen
So it.

01:01:13.58 – Brian David Crane
Has listened to you heard about you been referred to you who is more keen to talk with you than than they then they looked at the website and they were like this is the guy that I want because like it’s almost through the it’s through the phone call and the discovery process that both of you figure out if you’re going to work together so you don’t want the website to promise on the moon Because. That’s honestly not what you do and you’re kind of like yeah you want you want to go through the discovery process and see if there’s actually value to be added before you agree to to work with them.

01:01:34.17 – Demian Voorhagen
None and it was prepared.

01:01:42.78 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, no absolutely I mean I I never I can say never in this guy I never promise results because it’s not something that I believe in so I don’t say well you know,double your revenue in three months time

01:01:54.17 – Brian David Crane

01:01:57.17 – Demian Voorhagen
With this secret trick that would even be more ah more marketing.but yeah people can just go to my website which is just my first name right? So and then you can just book a discovery call.right now. It’s free because I do a couple of these.a week because I also like them. I like doing them and meeting new people. It’s a nice way to network. Some people I can just help in one call and in that sense I see it as paying it forward. I just help them in one call. And at some point they might return a favor and if not that’s also fine. Maybe they can return it to someone else and for some of them. It. It actually ends up like wow I got so much value out of this call. We need to make this a regular thing and then we look at what makes sense for it could be like the monthly subscription thing. Maybe a couple of hours is needed for me to really be on top of things as well and we just figured that out as we talk and I see I don’t really see the talks that I have as much as a sales conversation but more about an open talk. You know what? What are you running into?

Conclusion and How to Connect

01:03:00.27 – Brian David Crane

01:03:06.71 – Demian Voorhagen
Do I think I can help you and if I don’t I would just tell you and maybe I know someone else that is able to help you or there’s something else that I can do for you?But yeah I don’t see us as salesy as most people do I would say as well. Yeah.

01:03:20.83 – Brian David Crane
Yeah, like they coffee dates in a way. Let’s say you know yeah their coffee date is a digital coffee date. Okay so let’s end on that point. If you would like a digital coffee date, if you would like a non-sale sales call with Damien you should go to his website.

01:03:26.26 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, exactly what? no.

01:03:40.83 – Brian David Crane
You can for right now at least get a chance to chat with him without charge and you’re going to see if it’s going to work for you and I think out of that. Where should people go if you want to spell your website so they know how to write your name? What do you Also follow on Linkedin or reach out to on Linkedin like what’s the what do you prefer.

01:04:02.60 – Demian Voorhagen
Yeah, like I reached out to if you want to have the call for sure.then. The easiest way is to go to the website and book it right? So if you want to have a chat first or just add me on Linkedin and. Ah, the moment you add me on Linkedin I will also check your profile. So I know what you’re doing as well.and yeah I’m the only Dammien Forhaig and on Linkedin.and typically a lot of people that are entrepreneurs have a lot of mutual connections as well because I’ve quit. A big Linkedin Network already so I’m quite easy to find. I would say yeah, just book the call if you want to or ask me a question on Linkedin and just add me there and yeah, we’ll figure it out. Yeah.

01:04:49.70 – Brian David Crane
Take it from there. Yeah cool and you’re cross jurisdictional doesn’t like they don’t need to be in the Netherlands they can be as long as they speak english and can get online I think they can talk with you is that right.

01:05:01.50 – Demian Voorhagen
yeah yeah I mean so currently most of the clients are from Europe and that’s simply because as I said everything right now is from network and referrals so because I’m in the Netherlands. and a lot of my friend entrepreneurs are there as well.

01:05:04.90 – Brian David Crane

01:05:18.40 – Demian Voorhagen
They have some connections in close countries and it just ends up being mostly Europe but I have no problem working in any kind of country as long as the person I’m working with and the idea of the company are cool.and yeah I mean ideally ah I’m not doing calls during the night or something.

01:05:29.42 – Brian David Crane

01:05:35.49 – Brian David Crane
I get it.

01:05:36.35 – Demian Voorhagen
So if there’s a big time zone different needs to to figure that out but that’s never been an issue also now for more infrequent work.

01:05:43.93 – Brian David Crane
Yeah I think you always have the ability to say no to the call as well, right? like it’s like yeah this just isn’t going to be a good fit. Somebody wants to talk to you about my toenail clippers.that’s what I want to get on the go fund me I think you could maybe you really care about toenail clippers I don’t know cool Damien. Thanks so much for the time. .

01:05:47.60 – Demian Voorhagen

01:05:58.59 – Demian Voorhagen
But but.

01:06:03.62 – Brian David Crane
And if you’re listening and you want to and you want to do this check him out on Linkedin or check out his website I will link to both in the show notes and we’ll see you on the next podcast. Thanks.

01:06:13.28 – Demian Voorhagen
Awesome! Thanks Brian.